Audio Response Teller - A.R.T.

 S. W. A. T.


24 Hour Audio Access
Access your account on your time schedule-not ours. By using a telephone you can perform your credit union business 24-hours a day for free. You can check account and loan balances, verify cleared checks, review account history, transfer funds to/from another UYFCU account, transfer loan and Visa payments, and make withdrawal requests by cashier's check. Best of all, it's free and easy as 1-2-3!

  • Call (714) 704-2880 or toll free (800) 324-5222.
  • Enter your account number followed by # (pound sign).
  • Enter your access code followed by # (pound sign).

    That's it! You now have your financial information at your finger tips. Click here for Pocket Reference Card or just follow the menu instructions prompts on the phone.

    Audio Access Helpful Hints and Tips

  • Each account has its own unique two-digit share or loan ID. You can obtain a list of your ID's by pressing "1" for balance inquires and then "5" to list open shares and "6" to list open loans.
  • Dollar amounts are entered without decimal points. For example, $100.00 should be entered as 10000. Dates are entered as six digit numbers. January 1, 2008 is entered as 010108.
  • Enter the # (pound sign) when prompted.
  • To end your call press * (star sign).
  • You can enter your selection at any time during the message for faster service.


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